Why am I no longer being a sugar baby?

Differ with most sugar babies who date a sugar daddy, the reason why I become a sugar baby was an accident.

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I was admitted to a good university in New York with excellent grades, and I rewarded a scholarship when I entered school. After a semester of college life, I was tired of the boring learning life of the university. Therefore, I fell in love with a guy. However, it didn't take long for him to squat, which made me very disappointed with life. As love ruined my studies, I also lost my scholarship. Losing the scholarship is a major blow to me. I was afraid to tell my parents.

I have to find a way to make money myself. I tried to apply for a part-time job, but the results were not good. Roommate joked: Why not try to be a sugar baby? All your problems will be solved. This joke caught my attention. "Well, I can do this!"

I joined a large-scale sugar baby dating site at first with making an account and uploading some profile pictures. To my surprise, many people started sending me messages. I dated many men of a different color, different height, and age. For me, this is not a game. This is a job. I have to do this job to make money to support myself. I need money to pay for my tuitions. I have been reminding myself that "you are not wrong to do this. This is a job that can help you complete your studies."

It’s not illegal to date a sugar daddy.

I Google has legality about sugar daddy dating, and fortunately, it is legal. However, many people have the same interpretation of college students to be a sugar baby, they think this is sex trading. In fact, this is not the case. The free mind is the main difference between sugar baby dating.

Some Sugar Baby websites encourage me to start my own research. I will discuss the income with the sugar daddy. “Can you really do this? Can you support me economically?” “Yes,” they usually tell you how much they can get in a month. It is also important to understand who I am with. I tried to get to know these people by looking at the photos and chatting through Skype and Facebook. I have to communicate with these guys in some way to prevent me from meeting scammers. I saw a lot of cases where the newbie sugar baby was cheated on the website. I have to be careful.

In the beginning, I will make clear what I am willing to do. Some strange guys will make you do strange things. Once, one person asked me, "Do you mind threesome fun?" This is an uncomfortable thing for me. Therefore, I will definitely refuse.

I work hard to make money. You might think it's easy to get thousands of dollars. No, this is not the case. Some sugar daddies will be willing to pay a high sugar baby allowance, but those are advanced. “How much you can earn depends on what you are willing to do and who you will accept as your client. You can estimate how much a sugar daddy is willing to spend. It’s not like in the movie, you found a daddy, he gave You are a luxury car and pay for your tuition and all these things.

I will keep the secret of the sugar baby's life. This is a secret, I will let it go to my grave. If I study more in the first year of college, will I be here? Sometimes I lay in bed and can't stop crying. I have now finished my sugar baby life. However, it has an impact on my personality.