What do you need to do while traveling with your sugar daddy?

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If your sugar daddy asks you to travel with him, it's great for you. You can spend a lot of time alone together and have a good time. As a sugar baby, how can you spend more time together while traveling with sugar daddy?

What to pack

Before you leave, you must do some research, such as checking the average temperature and rainfall of your destination online, so you can determine what clothes and equipment you need to bring. So you can look your best no matter what the weather.

There are always swimsuits. Be sure to bring at least one pair of flats in case you need to hang out with sugar daddy after dinner. Take some common medicines in case of cold and fever. When you're ready, show your sugar daddy that you have everything you need to take care of yourself for the perfect trip with him.

Your luggage

The next thing to consider is how you will travel. The sugar daddies are known to dislike high-maintenance travel companions. Sugar daddy asked you to travel with him just to relax and get away from the tired work. You'd better not have a couple of suitcases. For sugar daddies, traveling empty-handed is best.

A large wallet that you can carry around can also do wonders for your travel. It should be light enough to carry around all day, but strong enough to be placed on the ground when necessary without falling over. Only then will you get a second chance to travel with your sugar daddy, and remember, he doesn't want a troublesome, long-winded travel companion.


Travel is about relaxing, and if you don't want attention, leave your expensive jewelry, gestures, and bags at home for the time being. Choose simple, elegant clothes and stick to them throughout the trip. Chic sunglasses are also essential! Also, don't forget to travel essentials like sunscreen, eye patches, and earplugs.

Airports, security checkpoints

Make sure all your documents are updated (if your passport expires in the next six months, some countries won't let you in). If you can, get your Global Entry or TSA Pre-check status so you don’t have to wait, you can bet your traveling Sugar Daddy has his.

Sleeping arrangements... are up to you

When traveling, it's up to you to sleep in the same room as your sugar daddy, and he respects your thoughts and wishes. Remember, honest sugar babies, are more likable. We have seen many couples travel without any plans, so many bad things and unpleasant experiences happen on the journey. So, once again, sugar babies, make sure everything is ready with your sugar daddy before you leave, and don't make decisions for him without his permission.

Enjoy the trip

Traveling is fun, but it's also stressful. Resist all impulses if things go awry. If you can appreciate sugar daddy for all he has done for you during the journey, you may get extra favors. Remember, enjoy your alone time together, especially when traveling.