How to protect yourself (Sugar Baby) while daddy sugar?

Finding secret arrangements is fun and exciting. However, as a young sugar baby, you need to protect yourself while daddy sugar. So, in case you fall into the sugar baby dating trap, here's some advice for sugar babies:

discreet relationship

Choose a safe but romantic address.

Make sure the place you choose is safe and close to you. If you need Uber (uber) or drive here, your sugar daddy should reimburse you, and dating a sugar daddy who won't pay your bills is unwise. Make sure your first date with a sugar daddy is somewhere romantic and safe enough for you.

Confirm your dating time.

Before you meet your sugar daddy, make sure he has a full day to date you. You don't want to watch him call all the time. Before meeting each other, it is crucial to make your makeup and hair ready and make an unforgettable first impression.

Make yourself more comfortable and sexy.

Choose a dress that's right for you, because wearing a dress will make you look stylish and sexy, but remember that sexy doesn't mean revealing. Of course, comfortable high heels are also essential. In addition, until you find a really reliable and generous sugar daddy, then you can consider spending more money on your clothes.

Do not date with a sugar daddy who gives you weird vibes.

If he's weird on the phone, he's not going to be a better person in life, just say no. Before the meeting starts, ask basic questions about your sugar daddy, and you won't be ashamed to vet their basic information, or how much pocket money he can provide.

Learn more and Read more.

Read books about everything, especially how to be good at the dinner table. How to be a gentle and considerate woman. Don't give us personal information.

You'd better give your sugar daddy a separate number. Also, don't tell your sugar daddy your bank information or your address. On top of that, here are some tips for sugar babies on how to protect yourself when dating sugar daddies. Identifying a potential sugar daddy from the salt daddy is a challenge. Many more tips are offered on sugar baby dating sites, wish it would be helpful for sugar babies.