How to find a single sugar daddy and build a long-term relationship (a simple rule)

Rumors about sugar babies and sugar daddies getting married aren't entirely false. Because some lucky sugar babies do eventually find a sugar daddy who will marry them and take care of them all, how do you find a single or divorced sugar daddy and build a long-term relationship? At first, most sugar daddies and sugar babies are looking for potential partners on seeking sugar babies website, probably for short-term pleasure. As time goes by, sugar baby gradually falls in love with this man and wants to marry her sugar daddy. A simple principle teaches you.

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Find love by pursuing principles, not pheromones.

Why do long-term relationships need principles?

The principle is something we all have and we use it to guide our decisions. In real life, we need to do everything with principles, not without a bottom line.

I'm sure you can think of your principles. You may have rules about family life, whether you want a family, how much time you want to spend with your family...

You may have your principles about religion. Are you religious? What religion do you follow? Do you want your partner to share your religion? If they were different, would they separate you?

Whatever your principles are, they are important to you and they guide how you live your life. Your particular set of principles comes from how you grew up, your unique life experiences, and even your personality.

Use these principles to guide you to find people who share similar principles with you, and you are ready for a happy relationship.

Why do pheromones keep you looking for new partners?

On the other hand, we have pheromones, which we often let guide us in our search for potential mates. Pheromones are simply chemicals that we release to attract other humans to sex, and you can understand the sex hormones that are released. Before you know for sure if you share your principles with someone, you'll make a quick judgment about whether you're attracted to their physical appearance. Of course, this is the basis for most sugar baby online dating sites and the best sugar daddy apps.

Each of us may have pursued pheromones at least once in our lives. If you're not, then you're different. For those of you who have courted pheromones in the past, maybe you're crazy about his biceps, his abs, his looks, or maybe he's good in bed. Whatever it is, you know this guy isn't for you, but you're still attracted to him.

So let me explain: if you chase pheromones, you're constantly jumping from one relationship to another in short-term relationships.

Remember, physical attraction is not enough to keep you happy all your life. Because once the physical attraction wears off over time, you find that he has nothing to offer you.

That's why you should focus on understanding a man's principles and finding a man who shares your principles.

While attraction fades over time, principles tend to remain fairly stable throughout life. When you build a long-term relationship with a sugar daddy who shares the same principles with you, you will find that these principles become stronger together.

Define principles for long-term relationships

Well, you're ready to admit that you need to change the way you look for a long-term relationship, and you're willing to put those pheromones aside and stick to your principles. But what if you don't know what your principles are, or what the point of a date is?

Do you want to have children with this man? Does he already have a child?

  • Are you a vegetarian? He is?
  • Do you want him to be Christian like you?
  • What is your destroyer in a relationship?

Questions like these can help you focus on the principles you have and care about, even if you never settle on them.

How do you follow principles other than pheromones

I understand that attraction is an important part of dating. Time and again, researchers have found that we tend to form relationships with people we find physically attractive.

But I need you to realize that attraction and pheromones are only part of the puzzle. Sure, you can swipe through these best sugar daddy/sugar baby apps. based on appearance, but read their profiles as well, because you can at least get a sense of who might have similar principles. That way you're likely to find the best relationship you can with your sugar daddy.

  • What does he do in his spare time
  • What is he passionate about
  • His family education
  • What is he looking for

You need to know from your daily interactions whether this man is right for you. I have a sugar sister who says that the last sugar daddy she dated used to tell her how he tricked girls into having sex with him and then offered to pay their prostitutes. This is disrespectful to women. It also made my friend realize that this man wasn't for her. Especially in the romantic relationship and principle of unacceptable, so she chose to break up.


I know that this may be a very different approach to dating and dating than past relationships. My message to you is that if you want to have a serious relationship with your sugar daddy, it should be clear from the beginning that you are looking for a single sugar daddy. Because if you arrangement with a married sugar daddy, they are unlikely to abandon their family, children, for you. For them, they just want to look for fun to join a site to seek a sugar baby.

Don't let a man overwhelm your principles with his own.

If he's already criticizing your principles, you know he's not the one.

When you meet a man who shares your principles, you will be happy! Your love and future life together will be much sweeter because your way of thinking is synchronized!