How to effectively avoid the embarrassment and confusion of the first sugar date?

The rapid development of social media and network makes communication between people more convenient and fast. However, every coin has two sides, which not only brings convenience to people but also weakens the ability of face-to-face communication between people.

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We've all been there, no matter how much we share the same goals online, but when it comes to face-to-face communication, there seems to be some inevitable awkwardness or mistakes. Sometimes you try to understand his behavior, sometimes the conversation comes to a standstill. Here are some basic tips on how to defuse the awkwardness of a first sugar date.

Don't marry your praise

You have passed your first introduction, and now you are sitting at a beautiful candle-lit table. You have ordered your drink. It is still some time before the waiter comes to pick up your appetizer. Instead of trying to think of something to say, be creative and start with a compliment.

Either way, your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby will look great, but let him know that you appreciate their time dressing up for this meeting. Be generous with your compliments. For the perfect first date, start by complimenting him or her.

Keep it smile

This applies to anyone. Whether you're an energetic businessman, a doctor, a lawyer, or a customer service professional, your smile is the first thing you do to make someone else feel at ease. Science has shown time and again that a genuine, warm smile can have a positive effect. So when you go on your first date, remember to put on your best, brightest smile.

Even if you're as nervous as he is, remember that your date may be just as nervous as you. First, use your smile to ease the awkwardness.

Keep it simple

Well, now that the drink is starting to flow, you and your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby get your food, so far so good. Until you get out of your comfort zone during the conversation. For example, if the conversation switches to the current political topic, you might get into a conflict with it yourself, or your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby becomes very complex about the type of work they do. If you're really unsure, don't pretend to understand the topic.

Don't feel pressured to find "intelligent" words. Your date knows you're smart. When your date realizes you have no idea what you're talking about, you're just setting yourself up for trouble. To be honest, that's perfectly fine, but the most important thing is with your date.

How do you distract a conversation that seems a little complicated and tense by simply asking a few simple questions: would you mind explaining a little more? I don't know much about this issue. What's your opinion and position? Give your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby an educational and informational opportunity to not only see for yourself how they communicate, how much they know about something, but also how sexy it is.

Stay classy and keep it cool

Unfortunately, even if you try your best, sometimes chemistry doesn't exist. It's wise never to schedule a date for something that will obviously not lead to a good outcome. However, that doesn't mean anyone has a right to be rude or mean because things aren't going their way.

No matter how much you dislike the person in front of you or how recklessly he acts. Keep it cool and graceful. You never want to lower your standards to a negative level. Always be polite and polite, and finally, show that you’re the real winner regardless. Therefore, please keep a friendly attitude at all times.

Hope you have a perfect date with your sugar baby or sugar daddy!