Do you want to try to date a man older than you 15 years? Listen to my story.

After about two years of marriage, go out with friends, drinking coffee, and still being asked, "what's it like to date a man older than you?"

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Frankly, I didn't join a sugar daddy site for seeking rich daddy spoil me. I just to date an older rich man. Today, many girls are looking for sugar daddies for getting a sugar baby allowance, but I'm not. I only date one person. My current husband is 40 and I am 25, and we met three years ago at, which is an interesting experience.

My friends were shocked when they heard I was dating a man 15 years older than me. Ask me, "what can he bring you? Will he be any better than a boyfriend your age? What are the advantages of dating someone much older than you?"

The truth is, it doesn't make much of a difference to date an older man or one your age. It's just that older men have more stories and more money. As with any other relationship, you will experience a different kind of pleasure. Of course, if you want to know if older men are good soul mates, read on!

1. Security

You know, it's always safe to be with someone older than you. You can go out drinking at 3 a.m. and still feel safe because you're with him. He can read your every move, so he doesn't have to guess what you want to do, and he doesn't have to control what you don't want to do. He will tell you directly what he wants, avoiding a lot of gratuitous suspicion and suspicion.

2. He will pay for most, if not all of your dates

Older sugar daddies are often successful men who no longer worry about money and just want to find a partner to enjoy life with. Therefore, a woman does not have to spend money on whether or not she wants to date him. They'll pick up the bill when you hesitate, whether it's to buy clothes at the mall, eat at a fancy restaurant or go on vacation together. To him, your love is worth more than money. He may choose where you go on your date, so don't worry unless you want to decide for yourself.

3. He knows you

When you're with a sugar daddy, it's rare for you to argue with him about something trivial. Because for him, he's been through these things, and he doesn't want to argue with you. More often it is his wisdom to enlighten you and make you happy. Even when you are very unhappy, he will try to cheer you up, instead of letting you sulk alone.

4. The generation gap caused by the age gap is inevitable

When you start talking about pop culture, you feel a bit of a generation gap. He may not understand what you're saying, especially if he doesn't use social media often. Millennials and their parents are obsessed with social media. Old man?Not really. Sometimes I wish I could talk to him about what was happening on Twitter, but I don't want to know everything about his time. I didn't realize it when my boyfriend mentioned Felix the cat. Whenever this happens, my boyfriend says, "ah...You're so sweet when you don't know anything."

5. Older men may be more likely to dominate

If you're a free-spirited, uninhibited personality, then dating an older man may not make you happy. If, on the other hand, you are often unable to make your judgment, and you want someone to be around to give you advice or even make a decision, sugar daddy can be well qualified for this role. Older men are used to making decisions, so they might do the same when you're dating. They may forget to ask for your advice, but you must get it out. Balance is the key to healthy relationships. I'm a very quiet person, so I don't mind following my boyfriend around and letting him decide. If it seems unwise, I'll let him know. Most of the time, I'm right. Always trust your instincts, ladies, whether you are the dominant half or not.

6. Some people will judge you, some won't

When you go out with a man who looks obviously older than you and might even be mistaken for your father, he may not care what others think of him. But he CARES what you think.

Some people turn a blind eye to us when they discover our age difference. I don't think there is a big age gap between us. Sometimes we hear sarcastic, sometimes joking words like "sugar daddy and sugar baby" or "cradle snatcher," but it doesn't make any difference to our relationship.

Would you date an older man? Whether or not you find him as your soul mate, the only thing that matters in this relationship is the two of you. Of course, everyone's dating experience is different because there is no fixed relationship. You met the one you love by chance.