7 Reasons sugar baby feel ignored by sugar daddy

In a discreet dating relationship, sugar babies often feel neglected by their sugar daddy, which makes them feel insecure. Although the relationship between sugar daddy and sugar baby was discussed from the very beginning, it may not be right for a sugar baby to complain that sugar daddy is not company them. So what's causing sugar daddy to ignore you?

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Distracted by other women

If you find that your sugar daddy isn't meeting you every week or at the agreed rate anymore, it's probably because he found a more attractive girl than you on free sugar daddy apps. Remember, a sugar daddy can never have just one sugar baby, and there are far more women than men on almost any sugar baby websites, even up to four or more, so don't expect your sugar daddy to be loyal to you alone. Once you've signed the deal, you should play by the rules. Even if sugar daddy rarely contacts you, you can't constantly call, text, or harass him on social media for perks or gifts. Instead of bringing the sugar daddy back, it would push him further and further away. Try to be a smart woman, since he's still looking for other sugar babies, why can't you keep putting your profile online and find more sugar daddies to spoil you? 

His life is very busy

Between work, family, friends, and hobbies, some people's lives can get incredibly busy. If a man neglects a woman, it may be because his life is too crowded for him to respond. So why are they so busy?

  • He doesn't know how to say no.
  • He has a demanding job or owns a business
  • He likes to be busy. It's part of his character
  • He has to work hard to get higher power and status

He doesn't care about anyone but himself

There are all kinds of people in the world. There are some great people and some downright jerks. A selfish man who doesn't care about a woman's feelings will ignore her. Selfish, self-centered and overconfident men tend to take care of their own needs before others' emotions. While a man like this can be a total bad guy, he can also put himself and his needs above the needs of the woman he's with. Either way, a man who doesn't respect a woman may ignore her because he's so focused on himself.

You Love scared him

Older men think it's easy to date younger women, or to be able to control them, but it's not. Men and women have different needs in a relationship, which leads to very different ways of treating their partners. Many young women dating older men are used to relying on them for advice on anything. A young girl's enthusiasm might scare sugar daddies. Because sugar daddies just want to get away from the bondage of marriage, just want a relationship without pressure, bondage, and commitment, so that they can have fun and freshness in their boring life. So if sugar babies are too clingy, sugar daddies will want to run away, even from you. 

Remember, men are all the same, and when they want to play, you can't take it seriously. Once you're in a real relationship, they don't want to take responsibility for it, and the only way to do that is to stay away from you.

He is angry or upset

Not only do men and women think differently, but they also feel differently. Traditionally, men are taught to suppress and hide emotions and not to let them be written on their faces. That's why men sometimes hold back when they're angry or hurt emotionally. Anger is an emotion rooted in pain that one may not be prepared to show to others because:

  • It made him look weak
  • This makes him more vulnerable
  • He felt he would overreact uncontrollably

If he ignores you, it may be a way for him to deal with stress. In his eyes, it may be a good way for you, because he doesn't want to show his bad feelings to you, and he is even less willing to hurt you.

He is hiding

If your sugar daddy didn't tell you you were married in the first place and promised to marry you in a romantic section. But only he himself knows that he is lying to you, in ignoring your time, is probably because of his things were exposed. The embarrassment of being discovered by your wife and the guilt of not being able to face your feelings. Remember, it's essential to find out if your sugar daddy is married when you start seeking arrangements.

Discover his motives

There are many situations where men ignore, avoid or ignore women. Women can understand a man's intentions by thinking about why they think a man's behavior constitutes neglect and what triggers it. If in doubt, ask him. There are always opportunities when a man doesn't intentionally ignore a woman or is just having trouble dealing with his emotions.